terça-feira, dezembro 14, 2010

What do women want?

I know a movie has already been made out of this question, which also gave rise to hundreds of books. Or thousands! Or tens of thousands! And I bet most of them were written by men, like me, who still try to grasp an insight on feminine thought. 

I mean, society (and by society I mean the romantic movies, the romantic comedies, the romantic books… all those things that WOMEN – yes, because the only times a guy watches those movies is when he goes with a girl he is trying to hook up with, or one he has already conquered. And yes, conquered is the right term, because getting a girl’s heart is the equivalent to a Charlemagne campaign with only one person! – like so much to watch and read) gives us this idea that a guy, in order to please a woman has to be gentle and sweet. The typical knight in shining armour… the true prince charming! 

Well as you all know (or at least some of you, if you watched a couple of Shrek movies), prince charming is a bastard! And actually that’s what most of them like! As someone once said, if a girl tells you you’re a sweet guy, basically you’re fucked. The chances of a possible relationship go down like titanic. To a woman, a sweet guy is the rank after her girlfriends. It’s someone they like to be with, go around and maybe even hold hands… but it will not go much further than that. As a humorist once said, sweet men are like the pandas… They are lovely, cuddly, women just adore them… And look where the pandas are now on the extinction list!
But it is also the kind of man to whom they won’t forgive a mistake. You do something wrong, bye bye.  The princes charming, however, to those they forgive it all. These guys may do the worst of the worst… and women will just forgive it. Of course they will look and sound offended at a first instant, but just give them a couple of days and you'll see them smiling and giggling like little schoolgirls to the most idiotic story from the most idiotic guy.

Of course not all women are like this… I know some that are looking for (and several that have found) the now-so-rare true gentleman instead of the everyday jackass. And is for these stories that I would like to think that today I am being unfair to some people. That maybe it is all an error in perception. That maybe my initial opinion (which seldom fails me) was not so wrong after all. Because for as much as I refuse to admit it, I still hope for hope…